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I Mean To Shine
Barbra Streisand
© 1971 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

I MEAN TO SHINE by Miss Streisand from her 1971 album, "Barbra Joan Streisand". Written by Becker & Fagen. Donald played organ on the session.


Canyon Ladies
© 1972 Wingate Music Corp./Red Giant Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

CANYON LADIES Performed by Navasota. Needless to say, not what you in your wildest imagination would expect from Fagen/Becker. But in fact it is written by our Dynamic Duo. Horns & Strings also arranged by DF&WB.


Dallas 379kb
Sail The Waterway 357kb
Steely Dan
© 1977 Anchor Music Ltd.
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

DALLAS b/w SAIL THE WATERWAY The first single ever from the band named Steely Dan. Re-released in Great Britain as a 4-track 12" maxi in 1977, accompanied by Do It Again and Haitian Divorce.


Reelin' In The Years
Quadraphonic 535kb
Steely Dan
© 1974 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

REELIN' IN THE YEARS Quadraphonic. A slightly different mix than the original. Notice the Elliot Randall solo.


The Boston Rag
Quadraphonic 738kb
Steely Dan
© 1974 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

THE BOSTON RAG Quadraphonic.


FM -the "AM" version
Steely Dan
© 1978 Jumptunes/Feckless Music (BMI)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

FM - the "AM" version
Bearing in mind the title of the single, AM radio stations naturally wouldn't play the song, but then in an amazing display of initiative, they took the 'A' from 'Aja' which was harmonically compatible and edited it into the song so that where 'FM' should have been 'AM' came out instead.


Pete Christlieb & Warne Marsh
© 1978 Jumptunes/Feckless Music (BMI)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

RAPUNZEL "from Apogee"
A Becker/Fagen tune, maybe best known for   the Hoops McCann Band version. But originally done for Pete Christlieb & Warne Marsh's 1978 album "Apogee".


Love Will Make It Right
Diana Ross
© 1983 Freejunket Music (ASCAP)
Donald Fagen

LOVE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT From the Diana Ross 1983 album, "Ross". Written by Donald Fagen who plays the standout synthesizer break.


Do It Again meets Billy Jean
© 1983 Atlantic Recording Corp.
D. Fagen W. Becker/ M. Jackson

The Clubhouse 12" mix from 1983


Donald Fagen & Steve Kahn
© Thelonious Music (BMI)
Thelonious Monk

Steve Kahn and Donald Fagen cover Thelonious Monk's REFLECTIONS. originally on the Monk tribute album "That's The Way I Feel Now", but it also found it's way to the Original Soundtrack album of "Arthur 2; On The Rocks".


Pretzel Logic
Hiram Bullock
© 1974 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

Performed by
Hiram Bullock


Rosie Vela
© 1986 Mercury Dime Music (ASCAP)
Rosie Vela

ZAZU. Rosie Vela is often "claimed" to have played a major part in the reunite of B&F. Anyway, for the first time in over six years they played together on this tune. Produced by Gary Katz.
(D.F. - Synthesizer, W.B. - Guitar.)


Reelin' In The Years
Jeff Young
© 1972 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

REELIN' IN THE YEARS Sung by Jeff Young.
Any additional information about this track is more than welcome.


Big Noise, New York
Donald Fagen
© 1993 WEA International Inc.
Donald Fagen

BIG NOISE, NEW YORK The Donald Fagen "Demo" of the song he wrote for Jennifer Warnes, "The Hunter" album.


Snowbound 879kb
Trans-Island Skyway 803kb
(Bass/Drums/Vocals Only mixes)
Donald Fagen
© 1993 WEA International Inc.
Donald Fagen

(Bass/Drums/Vocals Only mixes)

Confide In Me 526kb
Donald Fagen
© 1993 Freejunket Music (ASCAP).
Donald Fagen

CONFIDE IN ME The Donald Fagen tune, formerly on the 1991 Manhattan Transfer album "The Offbeat Of Avenues". This version is from the 1993 CD single  "Tomorrow's Girls".


Black Friday
New York Rock & Soul Revue
© 1975 MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

(New York Rock & Soul Revue)


King Of The Bowery
Soundtrack; Mose The Fireman
© 1993 Rabbit Ears Productions, Inc.
Walter Becker/John Beasley

KING OF THE BOWERY from the soundtrack to "Mose The Fireman". Narrated by Michael Keaton with music composed and performed by Walter Becker and John Beasley.


Fall of '92
Walter Becker
© 1993 Zeon Music/Freejunket Music (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

FALL OF '92 The Becker/Fagen composition that where supposed to appear on WB's "Eleven Tracks Of Whack" album. But finally where left out.


Medical Science
Walter Becker
© 1993 Zeon Music (ASCAP)
Walter Becker

MEDICAL SCIENCE The 13th Track of Whack which is found on the Japanese issue of 11ToW.


E Minor Shuffle* 693kb
Babylon Sisters# 755kb
Dave Garfield & Friends
© 1997 Hudmar Publishing Company (ASCAP)*
© 1980 Zeon Music/Freejunket Music (ASCAP)
David Paich*
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

Two tracks with Dave Garfield & Friends, from the Zebra Records CD "Tribute To Jeff". E Minor Shuffle with the groove from Black Friday and Babylon Sisters which was one of Jeff Porcaro's favorite tracks.


A Jeff Porcaro Tribute
Toto w/ guests
© 1974, 1977 MCA Records Inc.
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

Chain Lightning & Josie Performed on a Jeff Porcaro tribute concert by Toto at Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA. in December 1992. With special guest appearances by Eddie Van Halen, Boz Scaggs, Don Henley, Michael McDonald, George Harrison  and on these particular tracks, Donald Fagen & Denny Dias

Links to Youtube


Do It Again
Reelin' In The Years
My Old School
Steely Dan
© MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

Three live shots for Television from the '70s. DO IT AGAIN and REELIN' IN THE YEARS from "Midnight Special" and MY OLD SCHOOL from the "American Bandstand".


Midnite Cruiser
Black Cow
Steely Dan
© MCA Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)
Walter Becker/Donald Fagen

Three live video shots from  Manassas, VA.   July 21, 1996.

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